Thursday, January 10, 2008

encaustic day

Had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with a group of amazing artists today. And this is one set of what I created today. (I made two other pieces first, these are my favorites).

What a great day. Super sweet women, lots of sharing, laughter and tears. A perfect day. We even witnessed the most beautiful huge rainbow after the big rainfall. I was too engrossed in art and conversation to grab the camera to get photo of the rainbow. You all know what rainbows look like anyway, right?

House hunting continues. Some crazy yucky places, one totally perfect house -- except that it was about 10 yds from the highway and we'd *never* be able to step outside for a barbeque or a morning cup of coffee, or an evening glass of wine. But, oh, the house was *so* cute.

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Tara Ross Studios said...

Love that Mat! And you got to do art on a Thursday,,, I'm jealous!