Saturday, January 26, 2008

sugar: so good v. so evil

The last time I did this detox I had a wicked headache and was so, so sick for a couple of days -- and I thought it was all about the giving up the caffeine (loved it, no i mean it, *l*o*v*e*d* it!) Well, I have stayed off caffeine. However, this time *sugar* is kicking my butt. At least that's the only thing I can figure out, it's the worst thing I consume now. I had really stayed off sugar for the most part until Thanksgiving - and then, wow...did we get sugar gifts! So much chocolate - really good chocolate, homemade chocolate covered things, fancy chocolates (Fran's - omg!) and really while we do *still* have some left, we were somewhat moderate in our consumption, but still, way more sugar than I had had in I promised myself to go back on the detox right after vacation. And it's good, I remember the glorious feeling of that clean, healthy feel, the energy, the ease of sleep, the sleeping straight through the night. Love it! So, back on the wagon. And, walking and/or on the elliptical every day. Because it'll be sunny *and* warm here one day, and I'll get to wear skirts again, and I'll get those Chaco lines back on my feet.

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