Sunday, January 06, 2008

make art everyday

it's good to have an art group to meet with.
i was able to go this saturday and had *such*a*good* day.

on the drive there i stopped at St. Vincent de Paul.
bought two plastic doily like things for stenciling
and a big wheel of vintage crepe paper
then in the free pile outside found 7 solid wood frames!
big plans for those.

Tully's - this one has a drive through, nice because there were no parking spaces left in their tiny lot.

fortified and ready for hours of making art and conversation in a public place.
wonderful, sweet, talented women all.
i did some backgrounds for more collages.
finished one.

got some more decaf at great harvest for the drive home.
super inspired, i got home, changed into art clothes and stumbled into the studio for more hours of making art, on the cards, in the journal, and more additions to the welcome sign for church.

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