Friday, January 25, 2008

full moon = super high tides! my favorite.
you can see the mountains when the sun shines. though it's hard to find a good spot to take a photo because of all the car dealerships and random strip malls along the highway. this summer we'll go on hikes and find better photographing spots.

oh how i love the ocean...and sunshine! the sky has been sunny for *five* days in a row...not a drop of rain (knock wood).
but *cold*
(my favorite - i like to bundle, and love to wear my woolie knits)
i busily took lots of photos of our view...not so many of the art i created, so that'll be posted later.
this morning i'll leave you with these images. later i will post photos of the art.
enjoy the outdoors today!
i think i took more photos of the moon. i love me some moon.

fishing boats out there day and night.
not sure what the history of this is, but you can drive your car on the beach - we didn't feel the need.
love this! lots of photos of this too. if it had been warm enough i would have brought a thermos of coffee, my sketchbook and spent some time sitting in here.
from our balcony. yep, that close to the water. amen.


Laurie said...

You mean the balcony of your HOME? Wow.

I love the top photo and the sticks the most!

celeste said...

oh, no, i wish...these are vacation shots.

cordeliaknits said...

well, it's still raining here--a lot--and it's cold cold cold! I really need to knit me some mittens ASAP!

Lisa said...

I love these photos! I'm a huge fan of the full moon, too!

We've had freezing cold but beautifully sunny days here as well this week also. Fabulous!