Friday, January 04, 2008

25 things I really miss about the Bay Area

(in no particular order):
1. eyebrow threading (if you know of a place to get eyebrow threading near me –Eastside of Seattle- I’ll be your best friend)
2. the Cheeseboard (pizza, garlic, and those cornmeal & cherry scones)
3. the first Peet’s store (never could remember the name of the streets, it’s in the gourmet ghetto)
4. Picante
5. Half Moon Bay
6. East Bay Depot for Creative Re-Use
9. my friends
10. my job & co-workers
11. In & Out Burgers
12. breakfast chats
13. fresh pineapple morning treats at D’Autremont
14. lunches out with co-workers
15. Farmer’s Markets
16. honey chicken & fresh fried rice by the TJ’s
17. Japanese dollar store
18. sunshine
19. wearing Chacos nearly every day
20. Barbara’s Fishtrap
21. Walks along the beach in HMB
22. the ocean waves
23. our walking route in San Mateo
24. being able to take photos of my work outside in the sun
25. that little ice cream store on College Ave


I AM said...

Oh Celeste, I hope you aren't feeling too terribly home sick.

Funny, DH & I were talking about the things we missed about Chicago, over new years. we couldn't come up with 25 between us!!! :) Of course, Chicago is no Bay area. (How long have you been here now, we're just over 6 months).

Have you been to Uwajimaya yet? The are definitely not a dollar store, but they have an amazing bookstore with tons of zakka books. I've been to the one in Seattle, but I'm pretty sure there is one in Bellevue too. There is also a japanese drug store/variety store on the lower level at Westlake in Seattle. A lot of really random cheap stuff there.


cordeliaknits said...

Well, thankfully I re-read the beginning of this post and noticed the "no particular order" caveat...otherwise I was about to protest at being #9, and behind Peets and eyebrow threading (even though I adore the thread too, as you well know)!

celeste said...

and the list came to be from reading your recent blog post about eyebrow threading!