Sunday, January 20, 2008

1. seeker

One of the words I'm picking for the year. I'm making a mixed media piece for each of the words. I'll be adding them one at a time to my etsy store too. (I'd love to make a special one for you, let me know). I'm also making some silver necklaces with the words - because I love to wear my words.

I *so* love meeting these women at our local third place. Inspiring artwork and conversation is so wonderful -- and I will continue to go out to meet them even if it is raining buckets!

We are heading to the ocean for a few days. I'm taking two totebags full of paint, paste, paper, brushes -- and a couple of canvases. I have to fill a couple of walls at church as soon as possible, so the art supplies will be flying - watch out! (I'm taking another bag with a swimsuit -- hoping for a hot tub, longjohns, a couple of sweatshirts, lots of socks and miscellaneous other casual (winter) beachware). Yippee.

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Betsey said...

Hi Celeste, We met a church last Sunday (I'm the one who hogged C and made you late for your house-hunting expedition). Just wanted to say I enjoyed perusing your blog and was inspired to bake after seeing the beauty shot of your TJ cupcakes. I was just on fancy flours (dotcom) and was drooling over their gorgeous white filigree cupcake wrappers. Your cupcakes would have looked so red carpet-ready in them!

BTW--I am so all about the seeking right now. "Seeker' is so apt! Here's to my year (lifetime) of seeking! Thanks again for all the positive and art you've injected in my day...!