Wednesday, December 05, 2007

winter wonderland

So beautiful. Saturday nights snow. Then it rained, um, poured for two solid days. Flooding. We are at the top of a hill, so no problems at our house, thankfully.
Early in the morning before heading to my first craft show in Washington state! (It went well, and I am now free to post bunches of new items to my etsy store. Sold several mixed media collage pieces and tons of the little collage pendants!) The snow did keep the numbers down a bit at the show, but it was so beautiful watching the big fluffy flakes falling all day. I also got to trade for a bunch of soap! (One of my favorite trades, because we love handmade soap, and I haven't made it in years, though I have all the necessary day, perhaps. Though really trading is so fabulous!)

Wearing these (the red ones are mine) right now as I type, it's cold! I wear them quite a lot and think they'll make fabulous gifts this season. Knitting up several more pairs.
Available at my little handmade items on etsy site. Dreaming of Malabrigo lace, trying to work up the courage to try my hand at knitting Forest Path Stole (photo from Ravelry search):Isn't it beautiful?

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Auntie Knickers said...

The shawl is beautiful but I can also see it would be a daunting prospect, but I know you can do it! Tell me in email exactly where next craft show is and I will tell friends in your area. Tops of hills are good for rainy places.