Friday, December 07, 2007

snow covered mountains

The mountains were peeking out a bit this morning. I love being able to see snow covered mountains again! Also enjoy watching all the holiday decorations going up all around in our neighborhood.
Yep, it finally dawned on me to knit the fingerless gloves in magic loop. What took me so long? And these are going to have embroidery on them because I would like a more practical knitted embroidered product (in the past I've just had the purses - you can see 'em on Ravelry if you have access. Or on my flickr account under fibery goodness).

Saw another abc's of me meme on someone's blog and thought -- I want to do that in my here it is. There will likely be more embellishments along the way. But, I got distracted by the wintery pages I'm also working on. And figuring out how to make prints of my daily collages.

I won a prize! After listening to Insubordknit's podcast,
I took a guess and this recently arrived in the mail. The artwork of her young son. The detail and the lettering - awesome! An excellent illustrator and storyteller!

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