Tuesday, December 18, 2007

happy birthday to me

have enjoyed many great adventures for my birthday celebration week.
One whole day walking all around Pike Place Market - meeting various artists with spaces there, looking at couches, searching for a great birthday lunch place (we chose Etta's - the only thing anyone raved about at our table was the hamburger and both of the desserts the four of us shared - triple coconut cream, mexican chocolate tart - we would only go back for dessert).

Places I'd highly recommend: Beecher's cheese, the woman who makes leather band bracelets, the man who'll carve you a chop while you wait (I really should have gotten one - i'll go back for one soon), the woman who makes hair ornaments out of piano wire, the guy who makes silk screened cards - especially his Pike Place cards, and of course for those of you who like Starbucks - the original Starbucks is right down there. Thankfully there's a Tully's very near too (I just don't care for the burnt, bitter taste of Starbucks coffee).

spent time at our local Tully's by the fireplace. reading, watching the fire and drawing. (some examples here).

a few things i'll share about my hopes and plans for my new year:
finally figure out how to make prints to sell on etsy (& shows)
knit a pair of socks a month
knit a lace shawl
first i have to dye that yarn
buy an elliptical and use it every day
find a good Thai restaurant
write more letters
let go of hoping that means i'll get more letters (though i really only wrote that because i think i should, i really want more letters - and comments)
set up the kilns and get those pendants in production
produce a show


cordeliaknits said...

Hey--I sent you a letter in response to the one you sent me!

Glad you are having a great birthday week. I hope it continues right up to a great Christmas! Gifts will come someday soon, as a nice after birthday, after Christmas surprise!

Miss you!

HappyDayArt! said...

Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy! Birthday Celeste! You are "Awesome" and kind and interested in so much! Don't give up because the letters don't come today. They'll come. Write more letters, they'll come back. And not even from the same people. You just create the critical mass! No photocopies please!

As for that man who'll carve you a chop while you wait. Go get one! You deserve it! I did. Can you tell I am yelling? HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!