Monday, December 31, 2007

live with intention

I haven't called them 'resolutions' in years. What I do like to do each year on my birthday - which is quite close to the new year, so works in time with many of the western world folks who are of a mind to write these resolutions/goals/intentions.
So, some afternoons by the fireplace at Tully's led to some journaled pages - a few highlights of the writing to come in the next few weeks.

Oh, Celine Dion, just rotated in. I just *love* her new CD. And Taking Chances - what an excellent song. Now there is a theme for the year for me! It really encompasses all of the intentions I have written down in the journal and have on my heart.
Perhaps you could read some of the intentions I have on the art journal pages. I do plan to continue the daily art practice. Not necessarily collage, since I don't have enough of the cards left. I had some more than the 365 cards, but I will soon run out of those, and then I will count time spent on journal pages, making art on reclaimed coasters, making earrings, pendants. Just being sure to spend time in the studio (or Tully's, or wherever we may be - hopefully we'll be able to take a vacation now and then)
One from my heart series. I'm trying to "go with" themes that come to mind while I'm making art this year.

The super secret sewing project. I made the TV cozy. We have used a big scarf for years...but, it slides off easily and I've wanted to make one for years. I like this one, but think it needs something...maybe I'll embroider some flourishs.

I forgot to take photos of the fingerless mitts I sent to my mom and SiL for Christmas...hey, if you two are reading this in the snowy Twin Cities will you take photos and then email them to me? Thanks.

More Christmas gifts to share with you later. I'm still getting over my nasty cold and need to head to bed for my few pages of reading and then restful sleep.

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