Thursday, December 20, 2007

good things

I have been wanting an iPod player for a long time. I convinced myself that I would be less distracted by the computer if I could charge the iPod on something other than the laptop - because the internets just pull me in...and the next thing I know I've checked on all my flickr contacts, all the group photo updates, followed links and Yikes! I've been playing here for two years (erm, maybe more sometimes). So, It is Working. I love this thing. The remote control allows me to crank it up (when I'm home alone) and run upstairs for the iron and continue to hear my favorite podcasts. Right now I'm working my way through a pile of NPR Most Emailed Stories. While inserting other favorites here and there in the playlist (knitTherapy, Stash & Burn, Geek Farm Life, and more).
Another favorite thing I did on my birthday (the actual day), I took a pile of papers and my can full of pens and pencils to Tully's to sit by the fire and draw.
More collage bits to be added to each of these pieces. This is one of my favorites from the day.
Awaiting a favorite quote and bits of paper.
There's quite a mess in the studio tonight. Oh how I will miss having this much space to spread out...if only I could unpack all of my studio! One day we will find our home and I'll get to organize it all. In the meantime, I search through the piles of boxes til I find the one I'm looking for - today it was the silk purchased from East Bay Creative Re-Use Center (I sure miss my trips there!). I'm working on a super secret project. I'll post the finished piece later.
I just love making this up as I go. I hope it turns out as well as the vision I had for it. It just might need a little hand embroidery too.

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cordeliaknits said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the silk! I still have TONS of it too--must make a quilt with it someday!

Today I'll be making stockings for me and Les out of felted sweaters. I found a great multicolored striped sweater to make mine with, but that's way too girly for Les, so I'll have to see what I have in the plain red category!

I miss having you here to craft with.