Thursday, December 13, 2007

holiday goodness

One of our stops last sunday night. First up that night was christmas tree decorating at my SiL's flat. Beautiful tree, lots of chatter about the history of many of the ornaments. Then crabcakes, salad and other yummy dinner. Afterwards, sugar cookie decorating. Amazingly I took no photos of any of this!
Next stop. Bellevue for Snowflake Lane. Big crowd. *over*the*top* decorations and planned to the second. Great uniforms, lovely to see all the projected snowflakes and the soapbubble flakes falling. We were running a bit late so we powerwalked right by the Chiluly sculptures on the way out. Afterwards while I craddled my Tully's decaf latte, I was thrilled to see all of this!
Isn't it marvelous? I'll have to go back sometime in different light to take more.
Stop after Bellevue Square. Apparently they have workshops to show you how to make these light sculptures (and I'd imagine you're a bit obligated to help with filling this place up too). Many more photos at my flickr...
Talking with my mom the other night, relating all the excitement of this evening, she mentioned that I spent my first night out of the hospital in Bellevue. (and my birthday is coming next week, so we were enjoying that)
my favorite scene here.

we've been thoroughly enjoying preparations for the holiday season.
making handmade holiday ornaments for the Second Annual Holiday Ornament Swap (that link sends you to their flickr album - amazing craft out there!)

i've receive three so far. aren't they great - and wildly different?

we are looking forward to buying an eliptical machine -- it just pours here too often for consistent walking. and longjohns for the days when it's not rainy and we can go for our favorite new walk along the water here.

i made this yummy tomato sauce the other day - totally inspired by dona's blog. i just wrote down a few ingredients, ran upstairs, chopped some stuff, threw it in the pan and boiled some pasta at the same time. topped with a bit of parm. yum.


Emily Swell said...

Thanks for showing the ornament I made in its new home. I really enjoyed making it, and I hope you love it too!

cordeliaknits said...

Looks like good xmas fun! I just finished finals, so your birthday present will be late, since I haven't had a chance to get things ready for mailing :(

Call me! I MISS YOU!

Anonymous said...

received your ornament. lovely. i hung it up already. will hang thru put the yr on my fake dec. tree later.
hope you like my star.