Wednesday, December 20, 2006

happy birthday to me...

Birthday party goodies! Thanks y'all. I had a wonderful time and love all the treats you made and brought. Thank you, thank you. The top photo is of a sweet little bird that I found Sunday morning on my "messy" table. Thanks Gayle, he's cute, and I am truly honored that you'd share a bird with me.
The Bird Story: Gayle and Cordelia and I went to Live Oak Fair last summer -- fabulous artists there. We were all admiring one woman's handpainted glass jewelry. Much of her work was bird related.
One: I like birds.
The Other: no, I like birds.
One: I have a bird collection.
The Other: I have a bird tattoo.
One: I've liked birds longer than you.
The Other: I have more than one bird tattoo.
One: My state bird is a red cardinal.
The Other: I like birds more than you.
(*lots* of people have stopped to watch this heated debate, first lookers wondering if these two women know each other, then I think they were waiting for a "girl fight"). The artist was a bit taken aback. I was trying to explain that they can *both* like birds, avoiding telling them that um, I like birds too. It was really funny. Two weeks later, that artist and I were both at the same show in Oregon. I went to see if she had a particular bird piece I had seen and wanted and reminded her of seeing her in Berkeley..."I was with the 'bird people'". "Yes", she said, "They really like birds". *smile* So, it was *quite* amazing to receive a bird gift from Gayle (she's a giver).
The gift pouch was handknit by's such a gorgeous colour and *so*soft*
The Celeste's Book of Wishes in the peapod paper (great) was handmade by Cordelia
A great gift certificate from my favorite LYS.
Handrolled beeswax candles from Gayle.
Yummy bath products from S&F.
not pictured...a subscription to Art Jewelry magazine, the current issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors, an Eva Cassidy CD and the holiday (red) t-shirt from Peet's.

Thanks again y'all! Let's have lasagna again soon.

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Anonymous said...

My State bird was the Cardinal too... growing up.