Friday, December 15, 2006

paul lynde or whoopi goldberg?

i have finished all my custom orders! woot! painted up some more backgrounds ready for inspiration to hit at any time (or more custom orders ;)) and then I went to Michael's for a little nephew & niece shopping (yes, i know i'm late) ...and lo and behold the very yarn called for in this pattern is on sale -- could there be a more distinct sign that this must be knit? i think not.

and i got some more christmas shopping done (plus, i bought yarn for several of these hats as gifts, of course, some people may get pictures of the pattern and snippets of yarn, but at least one person is bound to get the actual hat, because it's knitting up really fast (despite this being my first fair isle project)!


cordeliaknits said...

how fun! your tension looks great, though I will reserve final judgment until I see it in person tomorrow night :)
(since it's past midnight now, I guess I'll see you tonight!)

I'm done, by the way...YEEHAW!!!

oh, and the cat is going crazy. I hope he's not warning us of an impending natural disaster or a family of ghosts moving in or something!

celeste said...

maybe deacon is celebrating your being done too!

thanks for the comment on the hat. it does look good, though i had c try it on, because my head is *huge* and not a good indicator, and it was a bit too small, though, it is really hard to tell on the double-pointed needles, so I'm going to forge ahead (ahem :)) and it'll fit someone's head ;)

cordeliaknits said...

Hey! It's already Wednesday! Tell us something new, please. Some of us are far away and don't know what you're working on or doing or thinking or anything!!!