Saturday, December 09, 2006

don't you want a piggle too?

the new knitty is up and *chock*full* of wonderful patterns! -- these are the patterns that I would love to knit: center square, calorimetry, argosy, lauren, emerald, slingshot, blended hues, piggle and norberta (i am a dragon). of course, i still have a few other projects on the needles, and christmas gifts to finish and a few shows to prepare perhaps in the new year, i'll get to some of these projects. I really love the Lauren project, I have a few skeins of handspun yarn in my stash (thanks MOM!) and would love to showcase them like this! I think every child (probably *mostly* girl children) should have at least one piggle in their, I'll be knitting one of those for girls we know (plenty of time for Christmas 2007 ;)).

Our tree is up! I'll add a photo later, when the lights will look prettier. Tomorrow is Chex mix making day (after the morning art+craft show).


cordeliaknits said...

I wanna make Twinkle Toes for someone who may or may not read this blog.

Will I have time before xmas? doubtful. :(

celeste said...

those are great too.