Friday, December 15, 2006

font collages

years ago i took a calligraphy class through the college I worked at -- one of my favorite benefits, free tuition -- I took all the art classes I could. And joy of joys, my *job* was to create class schedules, so in one of the communities (the more artist-y of the three communities I developed classes for) I asked all the artists I liked to teach for us...then signed up for their classes! *anyway* in this calligraphy class (which was actually a for credit class, which I didn't plan), one of our assignments was to collect 100 font examples. So, some of the pages were mostly fonts, as I continued to collect, I included more imagery and fewer words. I mentioned these font journals on one of the artist listservs that I shadow, and one of the members asked me more about, a blog post was born! These are a few of the images.

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Thanks for posting the font pages.
I enjoyed seeing them.