Thursday, April 10, 2008

ArtFest, part 1

My second year. Excellent! As much as I loved meeting Sara(h) as a roomie last year. I *loved* having a private room this year. We again had a very social dorm. Wonderful to have show and tell each night, plus adding to and looking through different journals. *so*much*fun*

I've only edited 150 of my photos so far. I'll post a few of them now. And take a computer break. (still working on my taxes - eeck!)

Photos are in a bit of random order.
Early morning walk on Saturday morning. A bit chilly, great for waking up and stretching out (those mattresses - oy!) So many more Saturday morning photos will be on my flickr by Saturday. I'll crop and edit in batches between working on those taxes.

Favorite bumpersticker of the weekend.

I didn't actually think to take a photo before I dumped my stuff in my room. So I took a picture of the room across the hall that was wide open and empty at the moment.

My view from my spot at the journaling party on Thursday night. I'm going to try to remember to bring a camp chair as Tiphoni did this year...brilliant!

View from midway up the stairs at the end of the beach walk.

The view out my window. Really nice.

Kristie! Thanks for all the great adventures last week!

Excellent journal pages, Dianne!

Wednesday night's opening ceremony, I was sitting about midway in the auditorium - 600 people! So much better than last years teacher meeting chaos!

Post trading frenzy! This was all from Wednesday night dinner! I nearly ran out of trades first night!

A sweet person left similar notes throughout the campus!

Example from my first class, Perching Pixies. I believe that in my sleep deprived state, I *threw*away* my class work! Ack. I worked *so* hard on sawing out my little pixies!

more to come.


Dawn said...

I want to send you one of my trades since i didn't get to meet you...e-mail me your address...

Judy Wise said...

I LOVE your photos. My mattress looked more like a hammock than a bed so I put a piece of plywood under it that I had in the car for a drawing board. I'm bringing it next year too!! It made all the difference. xo

cordeliaknits said...

you THREW YOUR ART AWAY?!?!?! I can't believe you! If you didn't want it, you could have given it to me!!

I'm so jealous. Maybe I'll get to go next year. I had a dream that I was offered a job in Seattle, so who knows? Maybe I'll be close.

Can't wait to see more pictures, so keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment Celeste! Keep the pics coming. I posted a new one today and some more people pics to come...
If you have a minute, could you email me Layla's address?

I want to send her something as a surprise since I lost her trade from me!


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I was looking for your info and you popped up. I love the blog, and your pics. I meant to take one of my dorm room and never did. 202 rocks!!!! ~Janine