Saturday, April 26, 2008

Art Journal, ATCs and 4 x 4s

Come on in, we'll have a cup of tea, share our favorite art supplies and create in each others journals this afternoon.
A couple of pages of my notes from ArtFest. I was trying to be free with drawing and writing without thought to the look while in my classes this year. I like how they turned out.
I love to use my hands when painting -- and then it's so much fun to make prints of my hands (and photographs) rather than washing all that great colour off. I made a lot of prints of my hands page after page in my art journal and am in the process of filling out the rest of the page with other colours, quotations, journaling and more.
Really enjoying drawing the buddha -- and still painting the mandalas.
And the shrine shape that I draw into bird cages now and then too.
Side One of my contribution to the Dorm 202 Fatbook (ArtFest)

And now, back to the paint!


Anonymous said...

The universe is trying to tell me something. The last two blogs I have been to have stuff fron Carolyn Myss and I don't even know who she is. Research time.
Love the hands. Do you have directions for the mandalas?

celeste said...

no directions for the mandalas, i just made it up. and used every size circle i could find in the house. i kinda like the freeformness of the petals.

carolyn myss -- good writing. try also sue monk kidd (not the mermaid's chair) and anne lamott.

Krisite LaRose said...

wonderful art!!!

celeste said...

thanks kristie!
looking forward to the dorm 202 book!