Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Artfest, part 4

My very own Mandala. I'm not sure if I'm done with it yet. I may put another wash - over the bold blues in the lotus petals. Originally my sketch included a crow off center in the middle of the mandala...
Saturday was unbelievably gorgeous here! And *everyone* was out and about. We walked our trail. Amid crazy bicyclists who think they are the bosses of the trail. Then we got our drinks - Jamba Juice for c and Tully's decaf wet cappucino for me and headed to the mountains...to an outlet mall for baby shopping. We'd heard there was a baby furniture outlet...no one there had heard such a thing, so that search continues. We did find lots of other special items though. Couldn't resist some cute ocean-y baby clothes, a few maternity items and a special dress for a big fancy event in May.
I found them! Yippee! So this is the basics of it. Find a photo. Glue it to wood (special wood). Use Jewelry saw (my jewelry saw, totally sub-par, need to buy a new one). Embellish. Put on chosen perch (I have to find my stash of wooden blocks to complete this one).
It's getting there. Though I have run into a problem with the lack of scrap yarn. It's 335 stitches on No. 9 needles...it does eat up the scrap yarn. We bought a couple of balls of yarn from this sweet entrepreneur at the Fremont Sunday Market - she buys up thrift store sweaters, rips 'em up, washes, stretchs and re-skeins them. We bought two to be more "background" colours of this toddler blanket. I'm always thinking of this when I go to a thrift store, never seem to find anything in the yarn weight I'd like. She might get there first.
Cutest. Making another for the Baby Shower Basket I'm making for our Simple Elegance Auction at church. Have to make baby socks, hat and a blanket too.
Two Anahata prints and a miny original collage by Karen O'Brien added to make a much more interesting vignette in the studio. My tree and my little wish house. The gold star and pink button wreath are from my Handmade Christmas Ornament swap.


cordeliaknits said...

Are you worried that someone might buy the baby shower basket and then give it back to you??


Also, what weight of scrap yarn do you need for the blanket? I would be happy to send you some as I need to downsize the stash to get ready for moving to the trailer park!

celeste said...


I'm using all scrap yarn...fingering weight I double, mostly it's worsted, but I do have a random row or two of bulky too.