Thursday, May 01, 2008

Zapp Application!

Wow. I've learned a great deal in the past week or so as I tried to apply for the Fresh Paint show on the Marina in Everett. Apparently there is a wave crashing on the art show shores -- this application process online. I think there is potential for this actually making the whole process easier for artists and event coordinators. However, I'm too overwhelmed with the huge learning curve that I was up against (on deadline, of course, because frankly *a*lot* is going on in our lives right now, so I couldn't just sit down to complete this thing in one sitting, which for me makes the learning curve steeper and deeper).

So, I'm wicked proud of myself.
I hope I get in.
We'll have our a bit over one month old with us at this his first art show!
So, celebrating tonight with some sparkling stuff and leftover Mongolian Grill.

Two of the photos I uploaded for this application are above (had to send one photo of my booth and three photos of my artwork - that was definitely the hardest to decide).

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cosymakes said...

great job and good luck!!