Monday, March 31, 2008

when we saw pirates

The coolest thing about the Woodinville Fool's Day event that we witnessed. We missed the parade, I imagine that was pretty good. The booths, miserable, with the exception of a woman who made real soap (not the melt and pour stuff) and a couple who made wonderful glass and driftwood sculptures.

Puppy love I've been making lately. Been inspired to make some art that would be wonderful for the nursery. Not sure if the puppy's are a good idea though...just how early will our little man start asking for one?

Blocked and ready for the nursery! Lots of leftover yarn. I'm going to make a hat and use the remaining wool in the scrap blanket (coming along nicely).
ArtFest in 2 days!! I've pawed through my boxes a bit and found some of the supplies, hoping for the kindness of classmates on some of the tools because I don't want to buy second sets just because I cannot find mine. See you there! (now back to trade making)

A little more about my fabulous denomination.


cordeliaknits said...

yay for ArtFest! I wish I was going too, but no, I have to be here, going to classes, writing papers, getting tattoos...

Krisite LaRose said...

Hey there-

We want ARtfest pic's!!!

Thanks for being my special buddy at Artfest!!! :)