Thursday, March 20, 2008

an afternoon by the fire....

...and i got it done! cleaned out the photos, freed up some space and
we have photos again! yippee.

Scrap Happy Blanket. As seen on looseends flickr site. I loved the look. And decided this would be the perfect scrap knitting project for me. Her specs were 350 stitches, size 9 needles. As I do the long tail cast on I decided that the 334 stitches I got to were enough. I love this project. If you have any little bits of yarn you'd like to share with our little guy, I'd really appreciate it. I'm hoping to have it completed by the time he's in his big boy bed. (smiles)

Inspired by the felted blocks in Nature Babies. Made from the silk tie remnants -- perfect for a little boy I'm thinking. They haven't been stuffed yet. I'm trying to decide, bells inside or no. Comments? Any suggestions for the E block. (No elephants in our household, it's too associative with the party for me to have in the house)
I love, love this! And have been wanting to knit it for ages. Finally ordered the yarn (Eco wool, is *so*soft*) Planned for his christening blanket. I'm on round 103 for those of you in the know....I think it's nearly done (with the knitting, this is clearly really about the blocking).

Yeah, photographs!!
Artfest is fast approaching. Gotta get more trades done, so the knitting will be a bit slower for a while. Though my goal is to get the Hemlock Ring done before I head out so that I can block it and it'll dry while I'm away.


Auntie Knickers said...

(I'll let you figure out how to represent those last two!)

cordeliaknits said...

Whoa, that hemlock situation is looking great--can't wait to see it spread out when it's done and off the needles!

What about an Eggplant?

And can we have a close-up of the blocks, please? Did you do the letters with reverse applique?