Wednesday, February 20, 2008

rest here

The bird drawings/paintings continue. I actually took some of my favorites and made stencils of them.
My "rest here" raven.
I'm thinking of finishing this as an encaustic. Maybe. Thoughts?
Needs a frame. Fighting the urge to add words.
The gorgeous sunset on the drive home from my Urgent Care experience getting treatment for pink eye. Yuck. I usually let illness take their natural course, because I don't like to add any chemicals to my system. However, this *freaked* me out! I could not see from the symptoms (which I'll spare the details of here, if you've seen a wicked bad case of pink eye, I had *that* - *disgusting*) and I wanted all of those symptoms gone *now*. So, after two days of drops every two hourse I'm awake, it's gotten quite a bit better, though I would still scare people, so I'm staying home and maintaining the maintenance of eye drops and disinfecting everything I touch.
I so love my public library. This is my favorite ever. This system is so, so good. I love the onslaught of books as soon as you come in. Though I do find it frustrating that the books in this collection aren't entered by title, so when you check them out the receipt (and your list on-line) shows as Paperback Picks 2008. I keep my receipts in a journal to keep track of the books I read during the year, so I have to handwrite the title on the receipt, however, I don't always remember to do this. sigh.

Some of the projects I've been working on these past few days. C picked up my much searched for gesso last night.
I have a gallon container in one of these boxes, but, I didn't write that item on the box, so after weeks of going through the boxes thinking, this time I'll find the box with "gesso" on the list, I gave up the wishful thinking and asked C to zip into the Daniel Smith store right by the hospital (a pastoral visit). Yeah! Now I just have to find that little Japanese saw to cut the pieces for framing. I do know where our hacksaw is, so, if I must, I'll use that.
I did something weird here, so I've put these aside while I wait for the patience to pick it up again. I love how they look and hope they'll be stretchy enough to fit -- the pattern mentioned variations to use, but I've never had a problem with socks fitting before so I didn't take any of the increase stitch options mentioned. Colinette yarn from Cannon Beach. Azure socks pattern from Knitty.

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Tara Ross Studios said...

Daniel Smith gesso is my all time favorite gesso. I have all the colors.
Love your art work here. Sorry you had pink eye! At least it wasn't the nasty flu everyone had/has. Like me!