Friday, February 15, 2008

wintery warmth

I have a big pile of these done. I do love the excitement of finishing small things like this. I've also spent time on some of these bigger canvases (16" x 20"):
So in love with this I'm having a hard time adding more layers.
Oh, the icy warmth of this piece.
I'm struggling with my full on support of Obama. But I do love the youtube videos from his campaign. And who doesn't *love* the idea of CHANGE for our country. But, um, *does* he have enough experience to be our president? I'm certain though that there is no shortage of super smart, progressive folks who will be in his administration (a welcome change, no?).
Always wanting to add more to this piece. But, now I like the wintery canvases more. Need to finish them though...gotta get some stuff up on the gallery walls at church.

p.s. Forgot to mention. More daily collages have been made availabe at my etsy boutique...


lklight said...

Thanks for your comment, yes, please, anyone with a brain!

Tara Ross Studios said...

Hi Celeste,
send me an email,I don't have your email,,,,, I left a comment for you on etsy, not sure if you got it.
tlrossco(at)yahoo dot com