Friday, February 22, 2008

Fluffy clouds and blue sky today

Added a couple more layers to soften up the contrast a bit. Now it just needs framing.
What a gorgeous day today! We went to the Kirkland waterfront. Which has usually left me feeling freeked out because this part of downtown Kirkland is eerily like touristy coastal Southern California (so *not* in any good way). However, we took a different route today and were mostly able to stay away from the chaos and overspending of the trendy shops downtown.

Super good Thai Chicken salad. I so need to make this myself in the future.
Yesterday we walked along the water by us. I love a changing sky. The pink eye is gone, gone, gone -- yippee, that was creepy. Our house is so clean though, making sure that no one else was going to get it. Disinfected everything as I touched it. If we weren't living out of boxes still, I'd invite you all over to see.

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