Friday, February 29, 2008

all you need is ....

What a great time I had making these. They are off, on their way to join others to be made into banners and returned to the many artists who worked on different words. All meant to bring an abundance of those words to our lives, our studios, our homes. I loved playing with the fancy stitches on my little machine.

Had a great day at Freshy's. Met some fabulous artists. Got to see another part of Seattle. At the end of the day we went to a great packaging store and I bought a bunch of fun stuff - paper, oh how I love me some paper!
So, so good! And so easy to make. That's it. water, oil, egg, mix - stir, pour, bake, cut and eat. Yum.


Wende said...

So, does that mean you will get a completed banner with everyone's work? That sounds so lovely. Your contribution is wonderful!

And the photos below make me wistful for Seattle. I miss that view. (We used to drive to Kirkland for burgers at Dick's and to take in the view.)

celeste said...

yes! i know, i'm so excited to see the finished collaboration. (of course, i'll post pictures too)

oh my yes, a sunny day in the seattle area is *so*so* good!

cordeliaknits said...

I miss art days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really need some uninterrupted art time... and I need it BAD!

Let's have another post from you--what have you made today??

Auntie Knickers said...

I have tagged you for a middle name meme at my blog, I hope you will play and also show some more of what you are doing!