Friday, June 13, 2008


View from the guest room of our soon to be home.

Oh my gosh. This is such a crazy time in our lives. Moving 5 miles is proving to be *much* harder than we thought. I think probably because we a bit focused on bigger things. Birth classes. Reading about birth (and being a mom). And, the re-packing the items we've had out of boxes for the past 9 months. I'm *so* excited about getting into this house, getting things unpacked and in their proper places and creating the great bedroom for Sparky and his birth (that's in chronological order - in order of significance Sparky's birth is way on the top of the exciting list).

I packed my little Japanese saw and really needed it out, so I'm actually opening a few boxes trying to find it, I know it's right near the top of one of them. I had to squish it down when I was squeezing the flaps of the box together to get the tape on. I really want to finish off a couple of the bigger paintings I've done lately. The lattice is so long, it would be much easier to move in smaller pieces.

My iPod is acting up. So not thrilled about that, because I love it, and really rely on it for listening to my various NPR and art podcasts in the morning while making my latte and other morning rituals. It's not "listening" to me when I want it to pause, or connect with iTunes on my computer.

Researching cameras, because my little camera has such lag time that I know it'll be really frustrating trying to capture our little man's adorable-ness. Great recommendation came for the Canon XTI. Found one at Costco, but think there might be one less expensive elsewhere. Anyone know of a great source for cameras?


Krisite LaRose said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh how exciting- I cant wait to see pictures of your new place once its set up-

I really cant wait to see pictures of the wonderful new soul that is about to enter our world. Good luck to the three of you!!!

Julie Brill Molina said...

Hey Chickie!
I'm back!
Thanks for caring and sending me comments while I was being delinquent!

I love your BSJ!

Did I know you were having a baby!? I don't think I knew that! Congratulations!