Saturday, June 14, 2008

in which a BSJ is nearly complete

I've finally finished a Baby Surprise Jacket. And oh, how I *love* the BSJ! I'm so going to knit more and more of these. It was difficult to get through (I've started one three times), but I pushed through and did it! And then just to push my luck I knit the baby booties that match. Next I'm going to knit another BSJ and booties in fingering weight yarn.
I found the saw and framed two and a half of my paintings!
Went to a sketch crawl at Molbak's with a great group of artist friends. It's long been a goal of mine to do more sketching, and this day really got me jazzed about it. (I've even started sketching in pen! Next stop, washing colour in there). I took dozens of photos of the gorgeous plants and displays. This is my favourite cluster. Isn't it so artfull?
They had our favourite Alphabet cards, I took a picture to remember that they had them here, so we could go back somewhere closer for them (we registered for them at Merry Go Round in Bellevue).
Love this jolly Buddha. We still regret not having purchased two awesome Buddhas in Berkeley. We bought one for our friends housewarming gift and have never again seen such a great one. This one at Molbak's also doesn't compare to the beauty of the sitting Buddha we bought for J & B, the hunt continues.
My favourite planters in the place! I love the texture, the uniformity, the natural wonder of it. Love, love.

*And* my iPod and iTunes are talking again! Yeah! All in all a great day. (Oh, garage sales today - more baby clothes and toys, no crib still. However, we did find a push mower with basket for just $15, and we'd been just about to order one from Costco for $89 (plus tax)! Yeah us!


fromthepines said...


How are you doin for the artfest pages? I'm trying to get a hold of Kristie, but she's not online. I just wanted a final count- did you get one? And an address.

cosymakes said...

ohh... love the color of your bsj. i plan to make more too - so addictive an fun!