Tuesday, June 03, 2008

i heart garage sales

Still searching for a crib and dresser to go in the baby's room. Went to a big neighborhood garage sale this past Friday and then on Saturday went to a huge churchyard rummage sale. Scored all this stuff (from all of these photos) for about $30. Also got a sweet wooden stool I forgot to photograph. Lots of baby items, including a sling just like what we've been looking for - the sling alone would have been $40.
I ran out to this sale and had to get the car back within a half hour because C had a wedding in Seattle and needed to leave by 10:30. The church yard sale started at 10. So I rushed through and scanned the area for baby stuff - headed there. No crib, no dresser, no bookcase, not many baby clothes, but I picked through the toddler boy stuff grabbing everything that didn't have huge logos on them (no GAP, OLD NAVY - those are quite abundant) also, for now avoiding the cars, trucks, etc. Found a lot. Then toward the books, walked past the craft table. Nothing of interest there. Found piles and piles of books, noticed a woman with a Costco bag -- what a great idea! Wished I had one of those. I do keep about 6 canvas bags in the car, but didn't think to bring those with me to the sale. If I hadn't been on a tight timeframe I would have spent another 10 minutes or so in the books area, there were a lot of children's books.
So glad that I finally fixed the camera/computer connection issue. Totally by trial and error, but I'm finally able to use the camera again!
Hard to photograph a baby sling. I'm so thrilled about finding this. We haven't seen one like this in any of the stores we've been to, but I've seen them online from $40 - $80.
We also need a bookcase for the baby's room. Finding lots of great books and puzzles too. I even found a Babar book! (I loved them as a kid, because of Queen Celeste).


Tara Ross Studios said...

i love garage sales, i haven't been to any for a while though.

BloggingQueen said...

Ooh, many scores on your part! I totally agree with what you said about looking for clothes without logos and waiting on getting cars/trucks for the kiddo. I got really sick of seeing logo/licensed character clothing for boys and did everything I could to avoid them. The cars thing was a lost cause once The Boy got his first Thomas the Tank Engine toy... anything that moved was gold to him from then on.