Monday, June 23, 2008

we're moving tomorrow!

A glimpse of our new house! Yippee. All is well. We get the keys this evening. We're having the carpets deep cleaned tonight, then tomorrow morning the movers come to haul all of our belongings from this rental house to our new home! We've had things in boxes for more than four years - from when we first left Bend. Since we began packing for our move to the Seattle area we've been living out of boxes for more than 10 months! I'm so thrilled about opening up every one of these boxes to put everything in its place. And nesting. We were blessed with the sweetest baby shower and handcrafted and very thoughtful gift items for our little baby who is getting ready to join us in our new family home. Wednesday is all about finding some of the final essential baby items - washer and dryer (we had been waiting to buy a dryer until we knew if we needed an electric or gas, then we discovered that as we are chosing to cloth diaper, our washer, which doesn't have a hot water or sanitizer feature, will not work for our purposes. We also need a crib (though not as pressing, since he'll be in his co-sleeper for a good couple of months). Dresser for his room. Cloth diapers. Stroller with carseat (the midwives have been pressing for this for a couple of visits now :)). Camera. Gotta capture those special moments from the get-go. It's real! All of this amazing grace is swirling all around us and it's such a thrill.
I love this little nook for cookbooks. I think I may have culled the number down far enough to fit in here, with a little space on there for a few soft toys too.
A glimpse of the studio. (Of course, both of these photos are filled with the previous owner's items...I'll re-post similar shots with our stuff within a week or so). I love the colour of this wall, though it's a bit dark for the studio space, so it'll be painted at some point. And need a lot of super great halogen lights to really lighten up the space whose windows are under the deck.


Tara Ross Studios said...

How exciting!!!! I wish you good karma for the big move! I love that color of studio wall!

Binky said...

So happy for you!!
The house looks wonderful!

cordeliaknits said...

woo hoo! My thoughts and prayers and all good wishes are with you today as you move. I'm so excited for you--for the house AND for Tex! Can't wait to see pics of him and meet him before he's too big!

Love, C.

Nikki said...

Hooray! Happy New House!

Krisite LaRose said...

I wanna see the baby!!!