Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crossing things off the list.

I finished them! The front is toothy to represent "Do Not Enter" and the other side with the pocket is for holding a little spiral bound notebook and pen for family and friends to leave messages. For hanging on the outside of their bedroom door.

Here are two fronts and one back. And the next photo is the reverse of them. I couldn't decide which nephew would like which colours... so I wrapped them all and decided mom and dad could either open them before hand and label them, or the kids can get whichever they open. Made from my silk stash. I love stuffies now. So, I'm going to start sketching some new ideas. Maybe some sea monsters coming in honor of ArtFest.

Will mail them tomorrow!

Thank you Gayle for this Christmas gift! So, so good! (Corn bread mix.) And the packaging, so adorable.


Auntie Knickers said...

How inventive! Your nephews are lucky to have you for an aunt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Aunt Celeste. They are hanging on our doors already. We love them!
Adam, Eric & Grant