Friday, March 13, 2009

Balance and ArtFest

oh my goodness.
the piles of things i'm getting rid of in the studio!
it feels good to have these things in boxes to sell at the Art Garage Sale in June!
Getting more things off the to-do list.
Next week. Etsy!

I've been contemplating balance a great deal more lately. Trying to find a way to keep the house clean, teach LM how to be a bigger, smarter, faster dude. We're getting a schedule (more or less). I'm keeping the kitchen sink empty. I'm recycling lots and lots of papers, especially as soon as I collect the mail. We bought LM his baby gate today...and his "big boy" carseat. And a bubble machine...the library lady uses one at the end of each reading and E loves it. We met Nana for a few minutes after shopping in Bellevue and he giggled and giggled at the neck kissing. Love those baby giggles!

Looking forward to ArtFest in less than three weeks. Morning walks on the beach. 10 minutes in the shower! Yummy breakfast without cooking. Class. Meeting new artists, learning from the teacher and all the rest of the students in class. Lunch - again, no cooking, no decisions, no dishes! And back to class. Dinner and hopefully that great salad with the fresh dressing again and dessert and coffee and chats about how classes went. Then at night - Journal party, Vendor night, and Show & Tell. And late night laughter with wine in the dorms! I'm so going to miss my family...but, so need this time at Fort Worden! If mama is happy, everybody is happy...right?

I'm still working on my swaps. I do have about 20 done so far. Have an idea for the rest and hope to get a pile started at Sunday's Third Place Art Meeting. Hopefully I'll prep 50, so the fun part can take place with the art ladies.


Binky said...

Are your peonies up already?

celeste said...

no that is an old "stock" photo from San Mateo days. Peonies are my favorite! We can grow them here? I'm so going to try!

Gwen said...

Hi Celeste,
Thanks for your comment! Peonys grow great here, though sometimes the rain flattens them when they bloom. Their is a great peony nursery near me, I will tell you about it at third place!

eva said...

Thanks so much for your birthday wishes! I think often about you three and wonder how you are. Good to be able to read news in ypur blog!!