Monday, February 23, 2009

celebrating life

Sometimes I feel like I'm missing bits and pieces. How are we supposed to fit it all in? So for Lent this year. So many things I'm planning. Here's my list of 40 things to accomplish. In no particular order:

1. Drink more water.
2. Exercise every day.
3. No library fines.
4. Limited games on facebook.
5. One check of facebook at night.
6. 100 ArtFest trades done.
7. One piece of art created for the ArtFest gallery.
8. 10 items posted to Etsy.
9. Complete commissioned PMC pieces.
10. Write up one new class to teach.
11. Plan an art weekend.
12. Finish nephews Christmas gifts.
13. Mail nephews Christmas gifts (I know...)
14. Purge three big bags of stuff from my studio.
15. Rake and prune the windblown tree bits from our yard.
16. No more drive through lattes.
17. Write one letter a week. (yes, handwritten, snail mail and cards count)
18. Frog the turtleneck sweater for LM and pick a new pattern for the yarn.
19. Organize hallway closets.
20. Put up artwork in LM's room.
21. Put up curtains in LM's room.
22. Earthquake strap the bookcases.
23. Buy babygate for stairwell.
24. Take more photos.
25. Print more photos.
26. Send more photos.
27. Pick 3 photos for framing in special frame.
28. Start clustering artwork in the living room.
29. Create more vignettes in the living room...
30. Dining room...
31. Kitchen...
32. Bathroom.
33. Get all office supply boxes out of garage, into Office.
34. Powerwash the deck.
35. Begin searching Craigslist for deck furniture.
36. Sell old washing machine.
37. Find a great place for white Christmas lights to live year round.
38. Swim.
39. More long walks as a family.
40. More heart and love art to reflect the love we live in.

Any similar plans?


Gwen said...

You are cracking me up, all this and a baby less than a year? I still make lists like this...

I wish you good luck, they all sound like very worthy things to do.

Auntie Knickers said...

This is quite a list! For forty days plus Sundays? Wow!
It doesn't sound at all penitential, but what it does sound is intentional, and that's great, I'm thinking similar things. (I have been on Facebook only a very short time and already I can see it's cutting into my reading and movie-watching time, which is not good; and if I get a job soon, which might happen, it will be even worse. So I think I will make a twice-a-day rule. And the other thing is, no computer solitaire! I'm horrified at how often "just one more game" keeps me up late enough that my eyes aren't working right!) My other plan is more intercessory prayer, being more intentional about it, perhaps I will try using the prayer beads I made a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how you are doing with the rest of the list, but you can check off #12 & 13. If you are looking for takers, we would love to be on the receiving end of #26.