Friday, November 07, 2008

a new meme, have you been tagged?

Super talented Catherine Witherell tagged me for this meme, and's time for a new post and another new day....

Here are seven facts about me, random and weird:

1. I love my coffee and am very snobbish about it. Peet's Major Dickinson Decaf turkish grind is my daily coffee right now. However, usually it's Strictly Organic if I can get my head around ordering it.
2. I love to have a little heated bag at the foot of the bed at night in the winter. My feet get too hot in the night for socks, but I do love the extra toasty warmth of that heat to get to sleep.
3. I cannot fall asleep at night without reading for a bit.
4. My digital camera is a great joy to me. Taking photo after photo without worry about the cost of printing, film, etc. so freeing.
5. I brake for garage sales (estate sales, open air markets...)
6. I subscribe to 159 podcasts, though less than half seem to regularly post. I think a lot have "pod faded" though I keep subscribed in case they come back.
7. I want to pick up some sweaters from Goodwill to deconstruct and re-knit. I hesitate because the task seems a bit overwhelming right now.

Tag 7 people:

Took this a couple of weeks ago at the U district's Farmer's Market. They said a lot of people had taken photos for their blogs. :)
This is taken from my studio out to the front yard. I love this Japanese Maple, so gorgeous right now. And the driveway is full of beautiful red leaves too.

He loves his jumpy! He's so strong he just gets airborne and laughs and laughs.

We finally finished painting his room a couple of weeks ago too. And his crib is all ready for him. (You can see it in the background of the jumpy photo).

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HappyDayArt! said...

That's pretty quirky! I love your photos and your little baby's round head. Thanks for playing along!

xo Catherine