Tuesday, November 04, 2008

a new day.....

amen and amen.
a mandate.
yes we did.

for a beautiful, hope-filled video head here.

I've been saddened by the number of wild and outrageous comments from "the right" on friends blogs...and then it happened here too. Anonymous commenters spewing their hatred and fear on blogs when people are simply stating their excitement for this new day, this hope that our freedoms will be restored after 8 years of an administration who would take freedom away from United States citizens, who would torture and imprison thousands of people with no trial. Who would spend hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out millionaires who made horrible business decisions in the name of more and more greed. Who would give their friends and the VP no bid contracts for hundreds of millions of dollars to fight a war that has nothing to do with 9/11 or freedom. Who took our country from a surplus budget under Clinton to the state of enormous economic chaos that we are in today (who will blame in on Obama, though this huge hole of debt is the Bush Administration's policies that will be inherited).

And what makes me the saddest about all of this? The majority of those "right" folks believe they are coming from a Christian perspective. Couldn't be farther from the way of Christ. Christ is centered upon Love and Grace and Hope. Not Fear and Greed and Shame. I say this here for the folks who have given up on church because of these people. Christ in not their way, they are following the path of their preacher, not Christ. There are good churches out there, if you'd like to find one you may have to shop around a bit, because even within denominations there are variations by church - but you could try a couple. The United Church of Christ, The United Methodists, The Unitarian Universalists . Each have searchable services to help you find a church near you. And of course, you can live a perfectable fabulous spiritual life without going to church at all. Peace be with you.

...and in unrelated news. the computer has been updated, soon, more photos.