Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finally, an all out art day!

It's been much too long since I've spent more than a few minutes on art.
So, yesterday though there are still to do lists "a mile long" I ventured down into the basement studio to spend hours spilling paint, smooshing it all around with my fingers and hands. pulling out all the media to use pens, oil pastels, paste, stencils (Mary Ann - yes, I used stencils yesterday. Soon, I'll be making some again too).
And today I got a temp job for three days! (So needed)
Sermon today was all about abundance
abundance rocked the house today.
Signed up for my first Holiday Show in the new town.
December 1st.

Gotta find the boxes full of product
Make new business cards (I see the reason for using just website and cell phone number now - definitely leaving off the studio address this time)
Make new hangtags

New signage for the booth
New frames for new artwork

More photos of the art day on my flickr page too.
(Please leave comments here, or on flickr)


Emily Swell said...

I love the first owl. Looking forward to swapping ornaments soon!

Anonymous said...

OOOH you take nice pics:)

CALL ME. I lost your number and your addresses got wiped by my bad motherboard. It's going to take some time to retrieve.

Ok, and I like what you had to say.