Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers' Day Weekend

We went on a grand adventure this weekend. Here is little man, out standing in his field (well, Liz's field on Lopez Island) watching the border collies herd the sheep.
A nearby working farm had a little food coop in one of their barns. You weigh your produce, write your purchase in their spiral bound notebook, make change with their change box and head home. We bought some beet greens, kale and some pork breakfast sausage. We all *loved* that breakfast sausage! We'll be asking Liz to bring us more each time she visits :)
It was such a glorious day! Mt. Baker in the distance here. We flew a kite on the ferry deck on the way over to Lopez and on the way home we blew bubbles. A *huge* hit, I highly recommend bringing bubbles when travelling with a preschooler. Really it was a big hit with the whole side of the ferry, I could see folks smiling and pointing out the bubbles floating by their windows. The dogs on the ferry loved them too.
little man "fishing" at the Lopez Island ferry landing, with the hose.

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