Saturday, February 25, 2012

Collage a Day class at Schack!

My space for demo'ing. Just before the students arrive.
Some student spaces.
The ephemera and paper supplies for students.
Some of Taryn's collages.
More of Taryn's work.
Some of Patty's work.
More work from Patty.
Some of Erinn's work
More from Erinn.
Some of Deb's work.
Some of Cheri's work.
More from Cheri.


Erinn said...

Wow! I feel so honored to be included in your blog! :) Taryn and I really loved your class - it has freed us in our creative processes quite a bit! ;) And we hope to take more classes from you in the future. Thanks, again!


celeste said...

Yeah. I'm so glad to hear that you two have been making more and more art. I look forward to seeing you at more art events and (hopefully) classes in the future!