Sunday, May 01, 2011


The new Schack Art Center is *gorgeous*, spacious, and *chock*full* of amazing art classes. I was there today for a couple of hours demo'ing several of my paper based classes....collage, journaling, zine making and more. It was a ball!

(Except for the part when I first arrived and was surprised by a leather clad motorcycle dude who I didn't see til he was *right*there*, shouting at me about ticketing and needing to move my car. I got so discombobulated that I accidentally shut the car door. whoop, whoop. and it locked with everything inside -- keys, phone, etc. 20 minutes before I was to haul all my stuff in and demo. Fortunately, I was able to use the internets to find our insurance folks and have a Pop-a-Lock guy show up in time for me to get to my space. On. Time.)

Beautiful weather today.
I love this painting, working on a couple more blooming flowers soon.


Tara Ross Studios said...

I love this flower! The colors are vibrant.

Gwen said...

I love this painting!!