Saturday, September 13, 2008

the pull of the ocean

omg, did we want to go to the ocean before maternity leave was over.

what to do, what to was high season (read: no hope due to budget).
one of the places we love has an email list and i said about two weeks ago, "gosh, we haven't gotten an email from them about any specials."
the next day
(no, i'm not kidding)
an email plops in.
super deals,
the final week of maternity leave is the first week of specials.
i called, our favorite room was available for the next three days, so i booked it.
we did a couple of chores on our to do list.
packed, went to an end of summer party at friends, came home early-ish to rest, sleep, begin loading the car...
and we went to Cannon Beach.

There was a negative low tide the first day we were there. I love low tides because I love me some tidepools, and I love *all* that wet sand to walk makes the beach more private to me, because everyone isn't huddled walking along the smaller easy to walk section.

Little Man loved the beach. We talked all about everything we saw. And mentioned that we'd come back again and again whenever possible. And another time, when he was older, he'd get to put his feet and hands in the water. And touch the sea anenomes and starfish (if he was very, very gentle and never took anything from the sea).

I bundled LM up and took him each morning to a nearby bakery for journaling (and coffee, even though it was *bucks). Turns out, it's very difficult to journal with the cutest baby in the world. Everyone wants to meet him and ask all about him. (He slept through all of the gushing).Because I've been a bit scattered of late, I didn't get around to ordering my copies of the 1000 journal pages book (3 of my pages are in it). I bought it at my favorite store in Cannon Beach - the bookstore, and it was a staff favorite, when I went to the counter to buy it the clerk said she loved this book, to which I proudly replied, I have three pages in here. She whipped out a Post-It note pad to write down my information to tell everyone she met one of the artists. Yep, I floated the rest of the day, and did a lot more journaling too. I already love that store, but, you know, I'll go back again and again!

Oh, what a good time.


Binky said...

"Turns out, it's very difficult to journal with the cutest baby in the world."

That just cracked me up!! That is where I took my kids too. It'll seem like tomorrow when E is speeding around the beach on one of those recumbent rental bikes.

Binky said...

I was laughing so hard at the cute baby remark I didn't put two and two together to realize those were your published pages. Very nice!

Are you printing E's feet on your pages?

celeste said...

those aren't my published pages, though i could upload those too, if i remembered where they were...
they're on pages 201-203 (i think, something like that) in 1000 journal pages, the book.

Gwen said...

I agree with binky, and I can personally attest to the fact that you have the world's cutest baby, but only because MY two "babies" are now in their 20's! ;)

sounds like a wonderful trip, and your pages are beautiful!

lk moonwood said...

Hi Celeste,

Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog about my post-ArtFest page (a long time ago! I just saw it today...). I'm enjoying your blog here - the politics, the art, and the cutest little baby toes!