Tuesday, July 29, 2008

so in love....

...with this little man. He's awake a little more everyday. We're reading more and singing songs and following eyes and just drinking in his beauty.
Most of his collection of books thus far. (Many are on the nightstand for nightly reading). Oh my goodness the books he has received as gifts! So beautiful, I'll have to share a couple in the future. Amazing children's writers out there!
Most of his collection of clothes. my goodness there are some adorable clothes in this collection! Thank you thank you to all who have handed on such sweet items. Some fabulous new pieces and dozens and dozens of hand me downs.
A couple of photos of the vast array of wonderful meals that has been coordinated for us. The meal help has been such an important part of our developing a healthy rhythm in our house. Sleep has been so far from us so much (though we have really, finally begun to nap when he's sleeping), there has been a lot of dishwashing and laundry, and still the unpacking into the new home. Oh my goodness the meals....salmon, beef stroganoff, salads, chicken, mac & cheese, mexican casseroles, fruit desserts, a little bit of chocolate.
Thank you thank you all! The top photo is cool whip mixed with a bit of fruit yogurt, so good. The next food photo is of super good oatmeal! Makes me really sure that once little man is eating solid food, I'll be making batches of crockpot oatmeal for a quick warm breakfast on rainy winter mornings.


Binky said...

What an adoreable picture!
And...what a wonderful community to be coordinating your meals.
Sleep tight.

bridgette said...

wow, moving to a new home and a new baby! Congratulations! You must be tired. remember to rest when you can. I had a hard time with that too.

To answer your question you left on my blog- the place we went to in Port Townsend was called The Big Red Barn http://www.bigredbarngetaway.com/. It's one big room in the barn, so bringing a little one makes it not the best place. We were there with our 18 month old and that pretty much sealed our fate to going to bed really early. :)

Anonymous said...

Aargh!! That picture just makes me want to grab him and kiss his little face for hours!!! (after I get over my cold, of course)

Can't wait to see more, and hopefully to visit sometime before he starts preschool!