Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas eve

Corner of our home. I'm thrilled with the tree this year. I *slathered* this small tree with lights. It's been snowing and snowing. We've had no mail delivery for days now. What happened to the USPS motto of rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night...what are the words? Anyway, what's up with that? No mail? And um, we have equally important bills and Christmas cards to get out (and receive). Sigh.
This shot from when I finished wrapping the lights all around.
There's already another couple of inches of snow on top of this. The roads are so washboardy out there. We are traveling as little as possible.
Projects are being slowly completed about the house. Finished re-doing the couch pillows (my goodness but the ones that came with the couch were *hideous*), you can catch a glimpse of the new and improved ones in the photo of the ornamented tree up top. A couple of Santa hats for LM. Unraveling thrift store sweaters (mom has been helping a lot with that). Knitting Christmas gifts. Sewing Christmas gifts. Knocking the snow off all the trees and shrubs to keep the branches from breaking under all that weight. Reading lots of stories aloud. Drinking cup after cup of hot lattes (decaf). I so am going to be more on top of this handmade Holiday next year. :)
Very disappointed in Obama's choice of Rick Warren as invocation minister. He's the kind of guy who would have spoken against interracial marriage 40-50 years ago too. He's just not the compassionate guy I hope for in a pastor (or you know, a random human).


Meri Arnett-Kremian said...

Merry Christmas you two (plus little man). Yup, I'm disappointed with Rick Warren's selection, too. What was Obama thinking? There are so many wonderful clergy people in this country who understand Christ's message of love and inclusion, something I thought our next president stood for. If he's trying to appease the right, he's gone too far. By the way, my Christmas message is on my blog.

gbasten said...

Wew're under sme snow here as well. My first white christmas in years. Love it!
Hope you are well. I am exhausted! And it's only me!
Be well.

celeste said...

miss you.
we're calling back soon.